I  take enormous pride in all of the project that I have been  involved with and genuinely
gain great personal satisfaction when clients are happy with my completed work . Feedback is always important and here are some testimonials from previous clients.


'I am so glad I found Anna Purkis! In the past, I have renovated rooms myself, but these days, I manage my own business from home and simply just don't have the time.  In our home we had a children's playroom which our children have now outgrown as they are teenagers and I wanted to completely update the room so they could do their homework in there and spend time with their friends in a more 'modern space'.   


Anna came to my home, asked me lots of questions relating to what styles, colours I liked and what I wanted  to achieve in the room (including how to accommodate Misty our family dog!) She then created a style board to show me her design and ideas for the room including fabrics, colours and furniture.  To be honest I was blown away when she talked me through her ideas because it went way beyond what I had expected within my (relatively small) budget.  


I don't think I changed anything that she suggested because Anna understood exactly what I wanted - she even sourced new coloured dog bowls to match the new room.  Anna then came herself and did all the work - including 3 coats of paint on all doors, walls, ceilings etc which made the room so much brighter.  Because my budget was small - she had some ingenious ways of creating a completely different room at minimal cost - including recovering an existing table in yellow vinyl and repainting existing shelves rather than buying new ones.  Anna was an absolute joy to work with. The project took her 4 days in total - most of which was painting furniture and walls! I have had many painters and tradespeople in over the years, I have never seen anyone work as fast as Anna. I don't actually think she ever took a break. The finished look of the room is outstanding, when Anna showed me the finished room I burst into tears! it looked so gorgeous and the kids absolutely love it.  The only problem is that now, I want her to do the rest of the house!' 


Charlotte E

I wasn't really sure where to start with my kitchen and downstairs cloakroom. They were so difficult and we had no idea how to make the kitchen into the big entertaining space that I really wanted. After contacting Anna Purkis, we met to talk through ideas which helped me to become excited about this huge and daunting project. From the structural plans to the final details, colours, styles and layout, Anna was there to remove the stress form this project. Friendly, professional and at all times enthusiastic and she implemented my ideas, and also made some great suggestions which worked really well. This felt like a huge project, demolishing the old kitchen and loo and taking our structural walls, it was managed brilliantly and professionally by Anna. Her chalkboard wall was a triumph and our children and their friends love drawing all over it! I wasn't sure what to do about shelving as I didn't want kitchen wall cupboards. Anna designed and built an absolutely amazing copper pipe and scaffold board unit for me and it is a big talking point as it's gorgeous! Matching the downstairs cloakroom with the kitchen meant that I could ask Anna to try to match the design the cloakroom vanity unit and toilet roll holder, which worked! Removing the horrible toilet macerator meant we could have a 'proper' toilet and also having hot water into this room were fantastic as it was so functional before being redesigned. I have used many different companies and the speed Anna works and her great communication skills make her stand out from the rest. Having someone that is able to both design a room and also puts designs into practice made life so much more straight forward. Thank you Anna, it all looks amazing!

Rachel L.M

My Husband and I had been trying without success to sell our home. We found Anna Purkis Home Design and asked Anna if she could help. She came to our flat and gave us some really constructive, helpful advice on areas that may need attention to help us secure a sale. We have really busy jobs working relatively long hours, so having Anna managing all of the storage and sorting out all the 'stuff' that we that we had been putting off. She was professional, working really quickly. Our home looked amazing and the whole service was great as we received an offer within a week and a half of Anna completing her home staging and de-cluttering service, which was fantastic! I cannot recommend Anna highly enough.

Wendy S

I needed two new light fittings for my front room, due to living in a Victorian house with high ceilings, they needed to be fairly big. I had a good idea of the style that I wanted and a budget. Finding the lighting style, however keeping within budget was. the cheapest I could find were well over £100 each. Not wanting to compromise on style or size, I asked Anna to help. Within 48 hours, she had sourced and ordered exactly what i wanted for half the price. I am now the proud owner of two lovely new light fittings that came in at just under £100 for the pair, thank you Anna, you gave me the lights that I wanted for a much more affordable price and they great now that they are in place!

Lisa O

Anna worked like a Trojan on my front garden, in the pouring rain!! I had been stuck for years not knowing what to do with the space but knowing that the giant, thorny bushes needed to come out and something more to my taste  be created. Anna made great suggestions, got me thinking about what kind of look I like and then the transformation occurred quickly and with no bother. Anna was proactive, focused, hard-working, knowledgeable, tidy & friendly and I would highly recommend her.

Sarah R

Anna Purkis, efficient, reliable  and friendly lady decorator. I'll definitely recommend her to my friends, she did a great job transforming my very tired hallway into a lovely bright space I love to come home to.

Many thanks Anna


Christine K

There is only so much you can so with a breach hut, but Anna transformed mine from a dingy, dusky pink clutter bucket to a bright, fresh, blue and white modernist-vibe sanctuary. I had a relaxed brief and asked Anna to work out how it could be updated and unified. She checked with me at every step that I agreed with her plans, carefully costed the project, and communicated really well.  I gave her a wide brief within a strict colour and content range. I am delighted with the outcome and feel very "hut proud". I am delighted to recommend Anna for any works you may want carried out on your home... or hut!

Sophie H

Our front garden used to make me cringe every time I pulled up the drive.
We tried tidying it up but there were just too many old shrubs and weeds galore!
Anna came, gave an excellent quote and made some suggestions for planting that would be easy to maintain.
She then worked like a machine (in the pouring rain) and made short work of the huge shrubs and weeds!
The planting is contemporary and will look gorgeous once it’s fully established.
I now smile when I pull up at the drive.
Anna is simply amazing!

Mindy L


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