Ever since I can remember, I loved transforming my own places, creating things from scratch and always seemed to enjoy getting my hands dirty in the process!  The best Christmas present I received last year was a power drill and tool set (including matching belt – very fetching) from my husband. This caused much amusement amongst my friends but to those who know me best, starting ‘Anna Purkis Homes’ was a natural choice and I LOVE my work!

My career path to this point has been colourful, international and always creative.  I studied History of Art, Design and Media at Middlesex University, travelled a fair bit afterwards! Then took up a role as Project Manager, organising services, events and exciting opportunities on a large scale in Greater London for adults with learning disabilities.

Travel and adventure have been constant throughout my life, I have spent more than 3 years travelling and working overseas with a particular passion for India and Asia.  Along the way, I’ve walked the Great Wall of China (well a big chunk of it – it’s fairly long) became a Scuba-diving instructor, run four half marathons, written a book, bought some land in Bali and built half a house!  (which will make you smile if you have ever felt the need to build in Indonesia!)

As mum to 3 children from toddler to teen, I can understand the importance of homes adapting and growing as our children, lives and work change.  Whilst my second child was a toddler, I set up and managed ‘Little Pickle Music Makers’ in Hove, music class for pre-school children which gave me the ideal opportunity to bang drums and sing as loudly as possible several times a week.  
Since selling this business:


I have focused on designing, renovating homes and creating gorgeous rooms - at first for myself, friends and family before eventually listening to everyone around me who encouraged me to do it professionally for others. 

Within my own homes, I have designed, modernised and made-over every room including the loft – as no room or space is off limits in our home.  This has included removing ceilings, taking down walls, plastering, painting and decorating, wallpapering, installing new kitchen units, acrylic splash backs, covering old kitchen units in car vinyl (looks amazing!) Tiling kitchens and bathrooms, laying laminate flooring, sanding down wooden flooring and hand crafting industrial shelving units. My children have benefited from rooms that capture their interests, include tons of storage and are unique to them.  I have also landscaped our garden and built our summer house – which is my space, hands off!   


Anna Purkis Home, is now my long-term focus and I love applying all my skills and experiences to help other people who lead busy lives to enjoy the experience of having a beautiful home at an affordable cost. No two customers or days are the same and I love the challenge that this presents! 

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